A Journey Ends

Yash Zanwar
2 min readDec 2, 2020

At 8 AM, I would wake up to a flood of Whatsapp messages informing about surprise quiz by the professor. Panicked, I would rush to the lecture theatre and would just make it in time to sit for the quiz and not know anything about the topics. I would scribble something on the answer sheet and go back to my room to sleep again. This was my morning routine for the last 3.5 years.

Alas, it will all be coming to an end. In few days, I will be graduating from BITS Pilani Goa, officially closing one of the best journey of my life.

I never wanted and expected myself to land up at BITS. But after screwing up in JEE Advance and some unexpected series of events, I found myself enrolled in Electronics and Communications degree and living in a hostel in Goa with people from all parts of the country.

I must say that being an introvert kid in school, this sudden change with so many strangers was overwhelming to say the least. But very soon, I started realizing the amazing things this place had to offer.

Hostel life as fun. The weird things that can happen in a engineering boys hostel are beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. All I can say is, I have been a witness to these acts and sometimes even took part in them 😛.

But unlike other colleges, BITS was not just about fun. It was all about becoming a wise person. BITS provided me with a Sandbox to understand how the world works, what motivates men and how to bend people on your terms. This has helped me so much in achieving my personal goals.

I also had my fair share of success and failures at BITS. From presenting to one of world’s biggest hedge fund manager on a sponsored trip to a failed attempt at startup and crashing my CGPA, the experiences taught me how to take risks and how to hedge. How to be passionate and also make sane decisions.

This journey would have been incomplete without the geniuses that I have met and been fortunate to have as friends. I will always remember those late-night discussions we have had over cup of chai and I am sure these individuals will be tremendously successful in years to come.

But as I transition to the ‘real world’, a place where every action will have consequence, the last 3.5 years will always remind me that no challenge is big enough.